Learning from a Master

When Marc entered my classes last year, he knew how to draw, but had yet to apply it to her planning process when preparing to create his weekly assignments. When I explained that every great chef draws their ideas out, he immediately embraced the idea. This is one of the steps Chefs take to help…

Week 10

GOAL: A tender and juicy emulsion.

Week 9

WEEK 9 ROASTED PROTEIN DINNER GOAL: GBD, full dinner with sauce for 2 to 4 people. Invite friends. They will love you for it. Ask them to bring the wine. 😉 ROASTING vs BAKING Roasting: Item to be roasted it usually solid before going into oven. Think whole chicken, pot roast, etc. Item is usually lifted…

Week 8

Goal: Make some of the most delicious food in the world using tough cuts of protein

Week 7

Your Goal: Be a hero. Learn the art of braising.

Plan Like A Chef-Do This First

Every good chef thinks about what they are going to do before a pan is even lifted on to the fire. You want a smooth learning experience? Then read the recipe one or two times, then write your production sheet.

Week 1

YOUR GOAL: To sauté like a rock star.

The Art of Gentle Cooking

“If you want to make good food, you can’t sleep through a dang thing, from choosing ingredients to chopping them up to cooking them well and serving them.” ~Caroline Lange

Week 4

YOUR GOAL: Extra Crispy GBD! Control that heat!

Week 3

YOUR GOAL: Golden Brown Deliciousness GBD! What you need to know: You are practicing making batters. (Note: the fritter recipe is too watery. Double the flour.) Remember, to make the batter stick, lightly dredge product in flour. Shake off excess. Right oil: refer to smoking points of oil Cut the vegetables evenly and not too big….