Learning from a Master

When Marc entered my classes last year, he knew how to draw, but had yet to apply it to her planning process when preparing to create his weekly assignments.

When I explained that every great chef draws their ideas out, he immediately embraced the idea.

This is one of the steps Chefs take to help them create a powerful presentation. Food is eaten with 90% of the eyes before it ever hits the mouth. The ideas in your head really start taking shape when you draw them out and think them through, add the color, the texture.

It will take practice, but we are here to guide you.

First, you decide what you are going to cook.

Then you draw it. Check that you have color and various texture. Remember the garnish.

Then, you plan your production. What should be made first, second, etc.


Here has also a youtube video showing 3 different ways to plate from Chef Marc.

Another great resource is the website theartofplating.com



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