Week 4

WEEK 4 is about Pan Frying

YOUR GOAL: Extra Crispy GBD! Control that heat!

Pan Frying: Moderate heat cooking in moderate amount of oil (the oil comes halfway up the product).

Standard Breading Procedure (SBP)


    1. Seasoned flour
    2. Egg wash
    3. Breading: nuts, parmesan cheese, Italian bread crumbs, panko, etc.
  • Remember Wet hand/Dry hand

Paillard = flattened protein. Usually flatten between two pieces of plastic and use a meat mallet or the back of a pan. This makes for quicker, easier cooking.

Making Paillard Technique here.


  • Dry your protein off well before pounding
  • Amount of oil in pan should reach halfway up the product.
  • Temperature should be between 325 – 375 degrees F.
  • Turn product over carefull. In the pan, tip oil away from you before turning product over. Carefully set pan back down.
  • When draining on paper towels, remember Chef Sofia always says…..SALT!


  • Have some cool water in the sink.
  • Have an opened box of baking soda handy.
  • Have a sheet pan or lid that can cover the pan if it catches on fire.

FUN FACT! Almost every culture has a pan fried cutlet.


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