Plan Like A Chef-Do This First

Every good chef thinks about what they are going to do before a pan is even lifted on to the fire. You want a smooth learning experience? Then read the recipe one or two times, then write your production sheet.

Now, we’ve taken all your paperwork and rolled it into one. Here is an example how to do the new paperwork (you’ll find a copy under your assignments(, but do carry on below to really understand why a production sheet is so important to you.

A good production sheet does the following:

  1. Lists ingredients and amounts needed. (Standardized recipes help keep your costs in line and makes sure your recipe is successful.)
  2. Ingredients are listed with how they should be processed.
  3. Estimates how long you think it will take you to accomplish your work then you validate how long it actually takes you. You should see improvement in times.
  4. The recipe is paraphrased and abbreviated so that it guides you through your cooking process rather than you having to stop and read then go back and cook.
  5. It organizes your time so that you get all the work done in an efficient manner.



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