Week 1


YOUR GOAL: To sauté like a rock star.


There are no recipes. I am giving you the freedom to choose the food that fits your budget as long as it meets the assignments requirements.


  • Control heat.
  • Understand what and how much fat to use.
  • Learn the tossing technique.
  • Push the boundaries of flavor by allowing sugar caramelization of vegetables.
  • Recognize the cooking pattern of different types of vegetables.
  • You will sauté one watery vegetable and one starchy vegetable for this assignment.


  1. Right pan
  2. Right oil: Smoking Points of Oil
  3. Control the heat.
  4. Figure out if the product has a lot of moisture or not.
  5. Cut product to suit cooking technique. Sauté needs small, consistently cut pieces.

NOTE: Non-stick is great for homes but rarely used in the industry. Although you can achieve some caramelization, the pan can’t take continuous high heat. It ruins the coating.


  1. Cut product into consistent shapes.
  2. Get pan hot but not smoking.
  3. Add small amount of oil.
  4. Let that get hot, but not smoking.
  5. Add ingredients.
  6. Don’t overload your pan.
  7. Let the pan do your work.
  8. Start tossing when you start seeing brown.
  9. Remember to season.
  10. Serve immediately.
  11. Family style in bowls or platters or plate.




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