Week 7

The Ultimate Combination Cooking Technique

WEEK 7 is the first week in braising.

Goal: To Braise or Stew the tastiest food ever.

“It’s a well-kept kitchen secret: Braising makes heroes out of weekend cooks. There is no other technique that asks so little yet gives so much back. As long as you can remember four simple, universal steps (and have the patience to wait as the braise fills your house with the most tempting of scents), anyone–anyone–can elicit oohs and aahs from a table full of friends and family. Really, it’s that easy to produce restaurant-quality results from a home oven, whether you’re talking fork-tender short ribs or fall-off-the-bone pork shoulder. Basically any number of cuts of meat that benefit from a seared exterior and a thick, rich, glistening sauce that has been building all day. If you’re looking to dial it up in the kitchen (with minimal effort), braising is a secret you need to be in on. Just don’t tell everyone. Okay?” ~bon appétit

A great braise requires three things. Time + Heat + Acid.

Hints: a braise is better the next day or the day after.

Use the braising liquid to make your sauce.


  • Pan
  • Lid (or something representing a lid such as foil.)


  • Acid:
  • Liquid:
  • Aromatics:
  • Vegetable or Meat: appropriate size and appropriate cut for both techniques


  • Stove top: will need a diffuser to help keep the bottom from burning
  • Oven Temperature: 300 – 350 F.

Liquid level:

  • Braise: half way up. Must turn protein over halfway through process.
  • Stew: cover. Must stir.


  1. Narrative
  2. Drawing
  3. Combined narrative, production, flavor journal
  4. Quick vegetable braise
  5. Long vegetable braise
  6. Photos
  7. Family style plating or individual plating.


  • Vegetable braising can be much quicker than meat braising.
  • They will usually still require some kind of acid.
  • If you choose to do red cabbage, try to get the red cabbage to the ruby red.



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