Week 10

GOAL: A tender and juicy emulsion.

Meatloaves can be made with any meat or poultry, even fish (but avoid fish for now. That’s a more advanced technique.)

Sometimes they are shaped in a free form:


Sometimes they are in a loaf pan:


Sometimes little cupcakes:


There’s even a specialized pan for making meatloaf if you don’t want to drain off the collected juices. This helps keep it from getting soggy.


Here are some rules:

  1. Ratio of protein to fat should be around 80% meat to 20% fat.
  2. You may use any meat or chicken you want.
  3. If you use chicken, you may have to add egg yolks to up the fat content.
  4. Fine dice the vegetables and sauté to at least release their water. Caramelizing adds extra flavor.
  5. Soak those bread crumbs or oats in some kind of liquid to make mush (panada). This will help maintain moisture.
  6. Pull from oven when internal temperature is around 155 – 157. Cover and allow for carry over cooking. At least 10 minutes before cutting into it.
  7. Sauces can be on the side or you may do the tomato ketchup over the top the last 10 minutes to get that tomato-y caramelization.
  8. Do not over mix.


  1. Master Narrative/Production Sheet
  2. Drawing
  3. Photos
  4. 1 or 2 plated dinners with sauce, and appropriate accompaniment and garnish.



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