Week 3

YOUR GOAL: Golden Brown Deliciousness GBD! What you need to know: You are practicing making batters. (Note: the fritter recipe is too watery. Double the flour.) Remember, to make the batter stick, lightly dredge product in flour. Shake off excess. Right oil: refer to smoking points of oil Cut the vegetables evenly and not too big….

Learning from a Master

When Marc entered my classes last year, he knew how to draw, but had yet to apply it to her planning process when preparing to create his weekly assignments. When I explained that every great chef draws their ideas out, he immediately embraced the idea. This is one of the steps Chefs take to help…

The Right Pan

Want to sauté like a rock star? Find the right pan.

Week 2

YOUR GOAL: Apply what you learned last week to this week’s protein assignment