Week 6: Mid Terms

WEEK 6 MID TERMS Goal: Show us you know how to sauté a protein, make a sauce, and choose and cook appropriate accompaniments (starch and veg, or 2 veg.) Submissions: Narrative Drawing Production Sheet Flavor Journal Photos 1 plated dinner made from protein of choice with sauce, and appropriate accompaniments. HINT: Stir frying is a…

Week 5

WEEK 5 Poaching and Steaming: Goal: Control your liquids to create beautifully cooked, tender, juicy food. Julia Child’s quote, “If you are scared of butter, use cream!” What is Poaching: Poaching is cooking delicate foods in acidulated and flavored water at a temperature between 160 and 180 degrees F. The water will look still, so…

The Art of Gentle Cooking

“If you want to make good food, you can’t sleep through a dang thing, from choosing ingredients to chopping them up to cooking them well and serving them.” ~Caroline Lange

Week 4

YOUR GOAL: Extra Crispy GBD! Control that heat!

The Right Pan

Want to sauté like a rock star? Find the right pan.

Week 2

YOUR GOAL: Apply what you learned last week to this week’s protein assignment